Team Fortress 2

So in couple last months I’ve been playing TF2. I thought why is it so entertaining against another FPS games. I think it’s because it doesn’t focus on realistic graphics, or real guns. But it focus to be fun. And Oh my god it IS! :D

I like playing as Spy, Pyro and Medic. Recently I prefer Scout, because I found out that he can double-jump :)

I haven’t bought it, but if I’ll have opporturnity I’ll buy it.

So what now? More TF2 :3

Minecraft - My server and full release

I started enjoying Minecraft again! Server that I play on had Wipe so everything is starting from the beginning! Yeah!

For now I have shitty house, some farms, but I can live with that.

There is cool plugin Mob Arena, where in small place spawns a lot of mobs in waves. In 1.0.0 it’s great exp-farm!

I like those new features added in the game. Experience, leveling, enchanting, brewing potions, and of course Snow Golems! :D

I want to have a look in the End I wasn’t there yet. Because on server I can’t go there (It crushes server or what). And I don’t want to go there on Creative mode, I want to enjoy it, I want to feel the scary atmosphere!

So I’m playing Minecraft again and it …. is ….. AWESOME!

Blender : First real problems

So doing my solar system isn’t easy thing and now I stumbled for first time.

Blender 3D view seems to be limited. So orbit of Neptun is Huuuuuuge! And second moon of Mars is so small! So if Neptun should fit there, than that moon will not be seen. In View properties I set Clip End to maximum but that isn’t enough! If there is some kind of way please tell me ( If anyone is reading this :D).

It could be of course done. By reducing orbit’s size. But then distances between planets would not be right, and I would rather have good project with true data.

Now I wonder, if there will be no solution I’ll probably do separatly two projects - Inner and Outer Planets. Yeah that should do it! :)